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  1. 467

    ~675 x ~700 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular with plain edges; arched rectangular inset with cavetto edging and armorial design in low relief: circular garter enclosing an ornate Tudor royal shield, surmounted by a crown; date inside top of arch; initials inside top corners of rectangle

    Notes: Discovered by Mr Anthony Hill of the Plymouth ironworks, Glamorgan, in the 1820s, and believed by David Mushet, in his 'Papers on Iron and Steel' to have been cast at the early furnace on the opposite side of the River Taff; a variant of the same date (no. 288) has an inscription on the bottom panel and roses in relief at the bottom corners of the rectangle; the west country source for both of these firebacks suggests an origin in those parts.

    Inscription: HONV SOIT QVE MALE V [illegible]

    Arms: Tudor royal - Edward VI

    Manufactured: in 1553 possibly at Pentyrch Furnace in the South Wales area.

    Current location:, not known.

    Citation: Llewellin, W., 1863, 'Sussex Ironmasters in Glamorganshire', Archaeologia Cambrensis, 3rd ser., 9, pp. 89-91.

    Citation: Mushet, D., 1840, Papers on Iron and Steel (London, John Weale), p. 393.