881mm tall

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    gainsborough,_old hall 02 (1889).jpg
    620 x 881 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shape; wide fillet edging with alternate bead and pellet on top and sides, the pellets rotated over the arch where they are separated in triplets by blocks; shield, helm, crest and mantling of Saunderson, with a strapwork compartment at the bottom; initials split by wreath; date split by crest.

    Notes: The arms are probably those of Thomas Saunderson of Gainsborough (c.1568- before 1642).

    Copies of this fireback are known.

    Inscription: 16 19 / T S

    Arms: Thomas Saunderson of Gainsborough

    Manufactured: in 1619 in England.

    Current location: Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Burton Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

    (part of the Lincolnshire County Council museum group)

    Citation: Gamble, H. G., 1 Nov 1889, 'Metal-work from the Old Hall, Gainsborough', The Building News, Vol LVII, no. 1817, pp. 586 & 588.