1. 1030

    ~870 x ~107 mm

    Description: Quasi-arched rectangular shape upon a moulded plinth; on a background comprising foliate swirls, a central shield, helm, coronet and elaborate mantling, with a crest of a forward facing centaur armed with a drawn bow pointed to the sinister side, and behind which are six pennons, three each side display in a v-shape; to the left, a triumph comprising a drum, draped flag on pole, concealing an arquebus, halberd and breastplate, and a broad-brimmed hat with feather; to the right, a triumph comprising a drum, a breast plate and tassets, a powder horn, and partially concealed arquebus, sword and spear, and a broad-brimmed hat with feather; at the base, a horizontal fillet with scrolled ends and squatting 'rodents'.

    Notes: An uncharacteristic fireback probably designed and cast for whoever the arms relate to. A variant without the base plinth and 'rodents' is in the collection of Museum Rotterdam (inv. 15224).

    Inscription: ANNO 1647

    Manufactured: in 1647 possibly in the Siegerland area of Germany.

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