1. 997

    castle_bolton, bolton castle.jpg
    725 x 1315 mm

    Description: Triangular arched shape; twisted rope edging (top and sides); top centre, shield and marquesal coronet separating two halves of date.

    Notes: The arms are of Charles Paulet, 6th Marquess of Winchester (c1630-99) who married, secondly in 1655, Mary Carey, illegitimate daughter of Emanuel Scrope, 1st Earl of Sunderland and 11th Baron Scrope of Bolton; blazon: (Paulet) Sable, three swords pilewise points in base proper pommels and hilts or; (Scrope) Azure, a bend or.

    Inscription: 16 84

    Arms: Paulet impaling Scrope (Charles Paulet, 6th Marquess of Winchester)

    Manufactured: in 1684 in England.

    Current location: Bolton Castle, Castle Bolton, North Yorkshire, England.