513mm wide

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    saffron_walden museum 01.jpg
    513 x 805 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular central panel and bead edging; pictorial scene probably showing the annunciation of the Virgin Mary; Mary sits beneath a canopy on the left, to which an angel descends, behind two figures seated on a stepped dais; above, two figures sit above a cloud, a curtain to the right; arched rectangular border with fillet edging, containing twisted ribbon; palm fronds gathered with a ribbon along the bottom. On top, two vases, one on each shoulder of the border, with swirled foliage descending from a central scallop shell.

    Notes: The scene appears to be from the New Testament, probably relating to the Annunciation or the Nativity. Probably a pastiche of a Dutch design.

    Manufactured: in the late 17th century in England.

    Current location: Saffron Walden Museum, Saffron Walden, Essex, England.

    Museum number: 2819 (part of the Saffron Walden Museum museum group)