1004mm tall

  1. 831

    ~1037 x ~1004 mm

    Description: Rectangular with small detached pediment; cavetto-moulded edging; upper centre, shield, helm, crest and mantling, with date, 1635, split either side of crest; top, date, 1649, split either side of armorial; initials split either side of armorial, below date.

    Notes: The armorial, tentatively associated with the family of Brooke or Broke of Madeley, Shropshire (blazon: chequy argent and sable, impaling a chevron between three estoiles), dated 1635, was formed from a pattern designed for a smaller fireback (see no. 917), but positioned on a larger backing board with the later date and initials added separately, most of the frame of the original fireback being pared away. From an illustration in the catalogue of an exhibition on heraldry at Burlington House, London, in 1894.

    Inscription: 16 35 / 16 49 / R B

    Arms: poss. Brooke or Broke of Staffordshire

    Manufactured: in 1649 in England.

    Current location:, not known.

    Citation: St John Hope, W. H. (ed.), 1894, Illustrated Catalogue of the Heraldic Exhibition at Burlington House, Society of Antiquaries.