1. 118

    730 x 580 mm

    Description: Rectangular with triangular pediment; stepped fillet and ogee moulded edge; initials in rectangular panel (F reversed); date in portico.

    Notes: The triangular top is a separate element, in this instance impressed before the lower panel. A variant at the Victoria and Albert Museum (no. 771) has the letters positioned slightly differently. A version of this fireback, with a rope-edged panel in the lower part, and medallion stamps, can also be seen at Hastings. Formerly part of the Ade Collection (from Grove Hill, Hellingly, Sussex).

    Inscription: 1586 F M

    Manufactured: in 1586 in the Weald area of England.

    Current location: Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, John's Place, Bohemia Road, Hastings, East Sussex, England.

    Museum number: HASMG: 1952.51.58 (part of the Hastings Museum museum group)

    Citation: Hodgkinson, J. S., 2010, British Cast-Iron Firebacks of the 16th to Mid-18th Centuries (Crawley, Hodgers Books).

    Citation: Lloyd, N., 1925, 'Domestic Ironwork I', Architectural Review, 58, pp. 58-67.