1. 1213

    ~1130 x ~680 mm

    Description: Rectangle with curved shoulders and low arch joined with concave curves; fillet and ogee moulded edging; central Tudor royal shield surrounded by garter, with crown above and lion and dragon supporters; royal initials either side of crown.

    Notes: On other castings of this fireback the initials are 'ER', the 'I' for James having been substituted here for the 'E' for Elizabeth but incorrectly retaining the Tudor shield. The garter motto includes ‘EQVI’ instead of ‘HONI’, making it meaningless; possibly ‘EQVI’ was a mis-transcription of ‘HONI’; the crown is distinctly continental in form.

    Inscription: I R

    Arms: Tudor royal - Edward VI or Elizabeth I

    Manufactured: in the early 17th century in England.

    Current location: Prior's Hall, Durham Cathedral, Durham, County Durham, England.