1. 909

    taddington_manor 04.jpg
    617 x 910 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shape; cavetto-moulded edging;lower centre, crowned bust of King William III above a cartouche, orange branches, with leaves and fruit on each side; above, a putto blowing a trumpet; initials on each side of cartouche; date split between bottom corners.

    Notes: A finely detailed image of King William III, the orange branches representing the Dutch House of Oranje; the significance of the date and the initials is not known. It is possible that the bust of the king, the date, initials and the surrounding branches were carved on a separate pattern which was added to an otherwise simple mould comprising an arched rectangular border and the trumpet-blowing putto before casting. Christie's auction, 25 Feb 2014, lot 184 (£6,000).

    Copies of this fireback are known.

    Inscription: 16 96 / AC AL

    Manufactured: in 1696 in England.

    Current location:, not known.