1. 964

    longhope,_glasshouse inn 1.jpg
    1295 x 660 mm

    Description: Rectangular; Twisted rope edging (top and sides); top centre, date; initials in triad in top corners; a double fleurs-de-lys between date and each set of initials, and two rotated down each side of the plate.

    Notes: Formerly at a cottage in Bradford's Lane, Newent, Gloucestershire. Illustration from Bick 1987.

    Inscription: TRD / 1662 / TRD

    Manufactured: in 1662 in the Forest of Dean area of England.

    Current location: The Glasshouse Inn, May Hill, Longhope, Gloucestershire, England.

    Citation: Bick, D. E., 1987, The Mines of Newent and Ross, (Newent, The Pound House), p. 35.