1750s Heathfield series

  1. 902

    herstmonceux,_blackford farm.jpg
    1210 x 625 mm

    Description: Rectangular with ogee moulded edging (top and sides); symmetrically spaced along the top, initials, IMF, between split date in well-defined characters.

    Notes: The initials are believed to be of John Meers Fagg, who owned Blackford Farm, Herstmonceux, at that date. Fagg purchased three firebacks from Heathfield Furnace, Sussex, in September 1758, costing £4 10s. 6d. They were cast by Thomas Cavie, who was paid a shilling a piece (East Sussex Record Office, Brighton, SAS-RF/15/3/35, f.22). At least one other fireback is known with some of the same character set.

    Inscription: 17 IMF 58

    Manufactured: in 1758 at Heathfield Furnace in the Weald area of England.

    Current location: in private hands, Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England.

  2. 623

    675 x 560 mm

    Description: Rectangular; ovolo moulded edging (top and sides); at top, date split by initials (with dot between).

    Notes: A bold, elegant plate with characters in high relief. The character set is known to have been used for another fireback cast at Heathfield Furnace, Sussex. Sold at Christie's Masters and Makers auction, 30 November 2010, lot 521.

    Inscription: 17 I·P 54

    Manufactured: in 1754 at Heathfield Furnace in the Weald area of England.

    Current location:, England.

    Citation: Hodgkinson, J. S., 2010, British Cast-Iron Firebacks of the 16th to Mid-18th Centuries (Crawley, Hodgers Books).