1320mm wide

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    chailey,_warren farmhouse 01.jpg
    1320 x 737 mm

    Description: Rectangular; twisted rope edging (top and sides); inner border of repeated strips of undulating vine tendril, inside of which are stamped panels of repeated grape bunches, totalling 27 along the upper edge and 13 down each side; inside them is a further border of vine strips within which are five columns of a bird stamp (probably a swan, a Lancastrian badge). each repeated three times, below each of which are three further grape bunch stamps except the middle column, where the grape bunches are above the swans.

    Notes: A complex and well executed design incorporating three stamps found on many other firebacks.

    Manufactured: in the late 16th century possibly at Pounsley Furnace, Framfield in the Weald area of England.

    Current location: in private hands, Chailey, East Sussex, England.