1. 1261

    610 x 750 mm

    Description: Arch-shaped; fillet edge; at top, date split by crown (horizontal of '7' missing), crown over a Tudor shield, garter (motto clockwise but reversed) and supporters; rose with viscount's coronet on dexter, and portcullis (grid of 16) with viscount's coronet on sinister side of crown; the supporters, a dragon and a greyhound, stand on separate plinths; the initials, G C, are placed in either side of the garter buckle.

    Notes: There are several firebacks with the Tudor royal arms that were probably originally produced in the Spanish Netherlands, perhaps illustrating the association between England and Spain through the marriage of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon. The firebacks differ in several small details, such as the shape of the shield, the form and rotation of the Garter motto, the style of the crown, the positioning of the supporters in relation to the Garter, and the form and size of the crowned rose and portcullis. Hôtel Drouot auction, Paris, 21 Jan 2023, lot 89.

    Inscription: 15 70 / HONY SOYT QVI MAL Y PENSE / G C

    Arms: Tudor royal

    Manufactured: in 1570 possibly in the Wallonia area of Luxembourg.

    Current location:, not known.