In the Musée Gaumais museum group

  1. 1171

    ~770 x ~770 mm

    Description: Rectangular shape; fillet edging; arrangement of five shields: centre, arms of the kingdom of France surmounted by a crown and, below, the word FRANCE on a fillet edged rectangular block over a cartouche; top left, arms of the duchy of Lorraine surmounted by a bishop's mitre and crozier separating a largely illegible text; top right, arms of the kingdom of Spain surmounted by a crown with the letters SPA to the left; bottom right, arms of the duchy of Nevers surmounted by a coronet below a fillet edged rectangle with the word NEVERS; bottom left, arms of the kingdom of England surmounted by a crown below a fillet edged rectangle with the word ANGLIA; bottom centre, the date 1623.

    Notes: A taque de foyer or takenplatte; the arms in the corners are likely to be of Louis of Lorraine, Cardinal of Guise, King Philip III of Spain, Charles I, Duke of Nevers and Rethel, and Queen Elizabeth I of England. A similar fireback with the same arms, illustrated by von den Driesch (1990, p.181), has the date 1611.

    Inscription: [LORR]AI[NE] SPA / ANGLIA NEVERS / FRANCE / 16z3

    Arms: Louis of Lorraine; Kingdom of Spain; Kingdom of France; Kingdom of England; Charles Gonzaga, Duke of Nevers

    Manufactured: in 1623 possibly in the Lorraine area of Belgium.

    Current location: Musée Gaumais, 38 Rue d'Arlon, Virton, Luxembourg, Belgium.

    (part of the Musée Gaumais museum group)

    Citation: Driesch, K. von den , 1990, Handbuch der Ofen-, Kamin- und Takenplatten im Rheinland (Cologne, Rheinland-Verlag).