Manufactured in 1628

  1. 916

    caerphilly,_llancaiac fawr manor.jpg
    1085 x 1145 mm

    Description: Rectangular, with a detached pediment joined by rebated scrolls; cavetto-moulded edging; circular 'shield' in a cartouche, surmounted by an esquire's helm and lion rampant crest, with mantling behind; initials split by crest; date split in top corners.

    Notes: The armorial is of David Prichard (d. 1630) of Llancaiac Fawr Manor; the blazon follows the patriarchal tradition of Welsh heraldry: quarterly, 1st, Sable a lion rampant Argent (for Cydrych ap Gwaithfoed), 2nd, Sable a chevron between three fleurs de lys Argent (for Einion ap Gollwyn), 3rd, Gules three chevrons Argent (for Iestyn ap Gwrgan), and 4th, Sable a chevron between three spear-heads Argent (for Bleddyn ap Maenyrch); the '8' of the date has a flattened top. A recasting, replacing a broken original.

    Inscription: D P / 16 28

    Arms: Prichard (or ap Richard)

    Manufactured: in 1628 possibly at Dyffryn Furnace in the South Wales area of Wales.

    Current location: Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Nelson, Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales.

    Museum number: GTJ75111 (part of the Caerphilly County Borough Council Museums & Heritage Service museum group)

    Citation: Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, 1981, An Inventory of Ancient Monuments of Glamorgan Vol IV Part 1: Domestic Architecture from the Reformation to the Industrial Revolution: the Greater Houses (Cardiff, HMSO).

  2. 888

    cowden,_crippenden 01.jpg
    660 x 675 mm

    Description: Triple arched rectangular shape, centre arch higher; each arch supported by pilasters; within centre arch, cloaked, bearded male figure wearing a crown and carrying a ewer and what appear to be a pile of plates; in left arch, above first half of date, a clothed female figure carrying a goblet and possibly a candle on a staff; in the right arch, above the second half of the date, a clothed female figure holding a distaff and a length of wool; there is a narrow panel at the bottom; on the outside of the arches are scroll-shaped protusions.

    Notes: The shape of this fireback is relatively uncommon, and the significance of the figures may relate to a particular narrative.

    Inscription: 16 28

    Manufactured: in 1628 possibly in the Eifel area of Germany.

    Current location: in private hands, Cowden, Kent, England.

  3. 1258

    ~870 x 500 mm

    Description: Broken and fragmentary; canted quasi-rectangular shape, with sides inclined; twisted rope edging; top centre, date with initials below separated by a fleur-de-lys; seven fleurs-de-lys down each side, pints perpendicular to rope edging; a fleur beneath each initial, possibly other fleurs and another initial missing in between.

    Notes: The fleurs-de-lys are of a distinctive form apparently unique to this series of firebacks.

    Inscription: 1628 / S G

    Manufactured: in 1628 in the Forest of Dean area of England.

    Current location: 31 Long Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England.