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    hadlow_down, tulleys.jpg
    1247 x 770 mm

    Description: Rectangular; twisted rope edging (top and sides); narrow top panel and two narrow side panels, each separated by twisted rope; top panel with symmetrical inscription line begun and ended with a stamp formed of four spots in square, the same stamps separating the date, each of the initials and a central rose stamp, the date being repeated at each end; plain side panels; central panel comprising three shields bearing a rose and crown, one on the top line between two rectangles, each bearing a griffin passant, and two shields on the ends of the lower line with two rectangles with griffins between, the bottom half of the plate is plain.

    Notes: The shield and griffin stamps appear on two firebacks at Hastings Museum, in each of which the shields are inverted.

    Inscription: 1569 HB AB 1569

    Manufactured: in 1569 in the Weald area of England.

    Current location: in private hands, Hadlow Down, East Sussex, England.

    Citation: Hodgkinson, J. S., 2010, British Cast-Iron Firebacks of the 16th to Mid-18th Centuries (Crawley, Hodgers Books).