1570mm wide

  1. 1228

    1570 x 760 mm

    Description: Canted rectangular shape; possible twisted rope edging; top centre, date; initials, SP, repeated in top corners; a fleur-de-lys below each pair of initials and the date; between the initials and the date, a flower head, with two more flower heads arranged vertically on each side below the initials.

    Notes: The style of the fleurs-de-lys, and the distictive form of the number '8', indicate that this fireback is one of a small series. Bishop & Miller auction, Stowmarket, Suffolk, 25 May 2022, lot 292.

    Inscription: SP 1689 SP

    Manufactured: in 1689 possibly in the Shropshire area of England.

    Current location: Bishop & Miller Auctioneers, 19 Charles Industrial Estate, Stowmarket, Suffolk, England.