1. 904

    unknown_63 560x810.jpg
    560 x 810 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shaped central panel with five-bead and open pellet edging; pictorial: regal figure in his chariot drawn by two horses, a sceptre in his right hand; above, a putto descends from swagged curtains and a pair of tassels; below is a landscape with a cornucopia; arched rectangular shaped border with fillet edging, a scallop shell top centre with symmetrical arrangement of ivy and acanthus leaves and tendrils; the initial, N, in a cartouche bottom centre, between symmetrical oak fronds, leaves and acorns; above is a symmetrical design of scrolled floral tendrils terminating in sea monsters.

    Notes: Very similar in design and execution to firebacks of the SHR and EB series, suggesting designs emanating from the same source and with a a similar inspiration. The figure in the chariot may be an allegory of the Sun.

    Inscription: N

    Manufactured: in the early 18th century in England.

    Current location: in private hands, Amerongen, Utrecht, Netherlands.