785mm wide

  1. 1002

    broadway,_ashmolean museum 04.jpg
    785 x 1095 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shaped central panel with bead edging; pictorial scene of a seated female figure resting against a hurdle, holding an anchor, a child on each side of her, the one on the left standing clutching corn stalks, the one on the right sitting also holding the anchor and a circular object; a bird sits on a post; arched rectangular border with bead edging; fructal and floral festoons suspended on ribbons with two putti at the top and two on each side; in the left and right bottom corners, the initials 'HH' and 'S' respectively; at the bottom, a central cartouche with date, between floral swags; on top, twin spirals between descending floral festoons.

    Notes: The figure is an allegory of Hope. The theft in 1699 from a Thames-side warehouse of several firebacks, including '3 of Hope with an Anchor' may refer to this type (Post Boy 11-14 Nov. 1699). A recasting.

    Copies of this fireback are known.

    Inscription: [?H]H ...

    Manufactured: in the mid 17th century in the Siegerland area of Germany.

    Current location: Ashmolean Museum Broadway, 65 High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire, England.

    (part of the Ashmolean Museum museum group)

  2. 945

    lindfield,_woodsland farm 01.jpg
    785 x 590 mm

    Description: Rectangular with two-stepped top; twisted rope edging (top and sides) formed of short rope sections, with top vertical sections extending down beyond the join with the next horizontal section; top centre, stamp formed of a talbot statant guardant upon a wreath; date separated by crest stamp; initials below and separated by date.

    Notes: The talbot crest has been seen on other firebacks indicating a common source.

    Inscription: 16 21 / R T

    Manufactured: in 1621 in the Weald area of England.

    Current location: in private hands, Lindfield, West Sussex, England.

  3. 605

    785 x 785 mm

    Description: Rectangular with ovolo-moulded edging; elaborate symmetrical rococo design framing a pictorial representation of an old man and two young women.

    Notes: Carpentier (p.116) ascribes this design to Fontaine's fable of Les Oies de frere Philippe - Brother Philip's Geese.

    Manufactured: in the 18th century in France.

    Current location: Mark Ripley Forge & Fireplaces, Northbridge Street, Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England.

    Citation: Carpentier, H., 1912, Plaques de Cheminées, Paris.