610mm wide

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  1. 1079

    stoke-on-trent,_ford green hall.jpg
    ?610 x ?560 mm

    Description: Quasi-arched rectangular shape; fillet edging, indented on the inner edge; pictorial representation of a phoenix rising from flames, date split either side of its neck; the lateral edges are wide in relation to the top, from which the arch rises from two loop and is surmounted by a fleur-de-lys; above each shoulder of the plate, a roundel.

    Notes: The looped fillet edging is rarely seen and does not seem to be diagnostic of a particular pattern-maker.

    Inscription: 16 77

    Manufactured: in 1677 possibly in the Staffordshire area of England.

    Current location: Ford Green Hall, Ford Green Road, Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

    (part of the Stoke-on-Trent Museums museum group)

  2. 709

    unknown_04 northumberland 610 x 835.jpg
    610 x 835 mm

    Description: Arched central panel with fillet edging; figure in classical dress standing on a mound in front of a leafless tree; u; ninterrupted side and bottom border with straight fillet edges; at sides, mirrored low-relief undulating tendril design; at bottom, central leaf design; on top, central plume with hanging flower, between mirrored low-relief foliate swirls.

    Notes: The figure is probably an allegory of Humility. Another example of this fireback bears the date 1746.

    Manufactured: in the mid 18th century .

    Current location:, Northumberland, England.

  3. 1140

    610 x 660 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shape with arch on top; rebated fillet edging; below mirrored putti holding crossed fronds, the figure of St George slaying the dragon; on each side a flame-topped column.

    Notes: The central panel of what would otherwise have been a typical bordered fireback intended for the Dutch market.

    Manufactured: in the mid to late 17th century in the Siegerland area of Germany.

    Current location: Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, Kensington & Chelsea, London, England.

    Museum number: 797-1899 (part of the Victoria & Albert Museum museum group)

  4. 300

    ?610 x ?840 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shaped central panel with bead-and-pellet edging on a broad fillet; Jupiter in his chariot drawn by eagles; above are clouds, below is a landscape; arched rectangular shaped border with fillet edging, with a symmetrical scrolled wire design; the monogram, SHR, bottom centre; above is a symmetrical design of scrolled floral tendrils.

    Notes: The design is derived from a personification of the planet, Jupiter, in 'Planetarum effectus et eorum in signis zodiaci', by Marten de Vos (1585); illustrated in Gardner, 1898.

    Copies of this fireback are known.

    Inscription: SHR

    Manufactured: in the late 17th to early 18th century in England.

    Current location: Powis Castle, Welshpool, Powys, Wales.

    Citation: Dawson, C., 1903, 'Sussex Iron Work and Pottery', Sussex Archaeological Collections, 46, pp. 1-54.

    Citation: Gardner, J. S., 1898, 'Iron Casting in the Weald', Archaeologia, 56, 1, pp. 133-164.

  5. 1055

    wilkinsons_26 feb 2017 lot 272 610x762.jpg
    610 x 762 mm

    Description: Arched rectangular shape with small triangular protrusions in each top corner; fillet edging (top and sides); top centre, date stamp, over-pressed on right side; top corners, single fleur-de-lys stamp; below date, initials in triad.

    Notes: The fleur-de-lys is of a distinctive form; the small triangular protrusions are not seen on other firebacks. Wilkinson's, Doncaster, auction 26 Feb 2017 lot 272. A fireback with the same date stamp is at Newark Park, Ozleworth, Gloucestershire.

    Inscription: 1634 / RCS [triad]

    Manufactured: in 1634 in England.

    Current location:, England.